Medical Needs


Callie and Her Pups!

Our rescue, Florida Big Dog Rescue, recently pulled a mother dog and her puppies from Hillsborough County Animal Services. The momma dog (pit/lab mix) has a severe case of demodex, has kennel cough and is heartworm positive. The mom shows signs of long term neglect. She has marks on her face, and her ears are shredded from some type of abuse. The momma has a super sweet personality and has done an excellent job with her puppies. She looks so proud when she is caring for them. We are lucky to have a canine dermatologist on our board of directors, Nadine Znajda. Dr. Nadine recommended a treatment for the mom while she is nursing the puppies. We also started her on a premium dog and puppy food to give her as much nutrition as possible. Other medications such as medicated baths, dips and heartworm treatment will have to wait until the puppies are finished nursing. The care of the momma could take two to three months for the demodex. The heartworm treatment protocol will be determined based on the severity of the heartworms. The pups should be ready to go in two months. All the puppies will be spay/neutered, microchipped, and up to date on shots before they are adopted. Any funds collected above and beyond Callie and the puppy's care, will fund the next dog that finds him or herself in Callie's similar misfortune. Your contribution toward her care is appreciated.