Foster Application/Contract


Foster Application/Contract

THIS CONTRACT AND RELEASE AGREEMENT this 22nd day of April 2024, hereinafter referred to as “agreement” is entered into for the express purpose of the temporary fostering of an animal from Florida Big Dog Rescue, hereinafter called “rescue” and Befriender, a friend of the animal.

Whereas, Rescue has retrieved an animal from an unfortunate situation and is presently in need of a loving home and family.

Whereas, Befriender has filled the proper application for the fostering of the animal and has agreed to be bound by this agreement.

Whereas, the parties wishing to avoid any misunderstands concerning this fostering, set forth the following:


For the duration of the temporary custody, the animal becomes the responsibility of the Befriender and is subject to all the Rules, Ordinances and Regulations of the City, Municipality, Town, Township, Borough, Village, County and the laws of the State wherein the Befriender and the animal reside and to comply and be bound by said Rules, Ordinances and Regulations fully regarding the animals and their ownership.


Befriender agrees to abide by all guidelines of the Florida Big Dog Rescue Program.


Befriender agrees that the animal shall be provided reasonable exercise in a fenced yard, dog run, or on a leash. The animal shall not be chained or restrained by a tether in any way unless constantly attended, such as on a leash. The animal shall be under immediate control and protection of the Befriender at all times and will not be permitted to roam outside of the fenced area unless the animal is on a leash.


Befriender agrees to incorporate animal into their daily routine and to crate and leash train, housebreak, socialize and work with any behavioral problems including but not restricted to appropriate obedience.


Befriender agrees to keep FBDR updated on the health, behavior and temperament of the animal and agrees to report any medical problems to FBDR immediately via phone and that any medical problems will be referred to the original veterinarian.


Befriender agrees not to have the animal loose with other dogs, animals and children in the home until the animal and the other dogs, animals and children have become acquainted and approval has been granted by FBDR.


Befriender agrees to be present and have visual contact with the animal if and when loose around other dogs, animals and children.


Befriender agrees and understands that an animal can be unpredictable and that FBDR cannot anticipate or insure against unexpected conduct of an animal fostered from FBDR. Befriender acknowledges that FBDR or any volunteers of FBDR have not made any warranties regarding the future condition, temperament or conduct of this animal. Befriender hereby accepts this animal and assumes all the risks and responsibilities associated with this animal, including bites, and fully and completely release, indemnify and hold harmless, FBDR akaValhalla Kennel, it’s owners, directors, volunteers and agents from any and all claim, cause of action or liability or any sort or nature, whether, known or unknown, directly arising out of or in connection with this animal.


Befriender agrees to maintain the animal on a balanced and nutritious food with such supplements necessary in order to maintain good health.


Befriender agrees to keep animal in clean surroundings and to perform routine grooming and brushing to further maintain the animal in good condition.


Befriender agrees that they have been advised of any known history and has been made aware of any problems which were made known to FBDR.


Befriender attests to have both the experience and competence to handle and care for the animal.


Befriender agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FBDR aka Valhalla Kennels and representatives thereof against any and all liability, claims, cause or causes of action arising out of or as a result of or in connection with the fostering of the animal.


Befriender agrees to invite potential adoptive people to their home to meet and otherwise get to know the animal.


It is the expressed intension of FBDR that Befriender will foster the animal for undetermined length of time and until an appropriate home is located.


This is not a contract of adoption. The animal will be placed with an adoptive home through FBDR.

The parties hereto are in complete accord and agreement concerning the welfare of the animal to be fostered and having set out the rights and responsibilities of each party relative to this fostering.


PO Box 1712

Valrico, FL 33595

All foster parents are required to submit a written update on their foster animal at the end of the first 7 days and then every 30 days while in their care. This will be included in our adoption packet so the new owners will have an idea of characteristics to expect. This report shall be submitted to or by US mail.

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