Adoption Application/Contract


NOTE: Please be aware that adoption donations are, without exception, NON-REFUNDABLE.

We need to know as much about you as possible before we consider allowing you to adopt one of our rescues. The information you provide on our application/contract will help us determine the best possible match for you, as well as for the dog. Please answer all questions honestly, as there are no right or wrong answers. Applications that are not completely filled out will be discarded without notice. If a question does not apply to you, fill in the blank with "N/A".

FBDR relies on your donations to care for all the homeless dogs and cats in our care. Adoption donations range from $100 to $600. This donation helps defray the costs of veterinary care given to your dog / cat prior to adoption. This care includes some or all of the following, but may not be limited to, all vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention medication, flea prevention, fecal testing and worming if necessary and surgical procedure for spay/neuter. Your adoption donation also helps to feed, house and provide veterinary care for the dogs and cats still waiting to be adopted, and is NON-REFUNDABLE. You are not buying a dog or cat, you're making a donation.

If you rent, provide name and phone number of apartment complex/landlord:

Florida Big Dog Rescue Adoption Contract

This agreement is made between Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc. (further known as FBDR) and the adopter. By signing below, you are acknowledging receipt from FBDR, the dog described within the application. Adopting party must be 21 years of age or older and agree to be bound to and comply with the following terms and conditions:

This contract may be specifically enforceable by FBDR through judicial proceedings, including the right of FBDR to recover the animal due to any breach of any terms of this contract. I hereby agree that in the event I breach this contract and FBDR files suit to enforce this contract or to defend any claims under this contract, I will pay any court costs and attorney's fees incurred by FBDR in connection herewith. Any court proceeding will be conducted in Hillsborough County, Florida.

This application for adoption is null and void as a contract to adopt the aforementioned pet until it is received, reviewed, approved and a signature of final acceptance is conducted by an authorized representative of Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc. A copy of the final signed document will be provided to the adopting party.

No modifications, changes, deletions, additions, alterations or omissions may be made to this binding contract without explicit awareness, consent, approval and documentation by the adopting representative and member of Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc. regardless as to who, initiates or executes these modifications. Only an acting member of Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc. or a designated legal representative acting on behalf of Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc., may initiate and execute any such modifications.

If the adopting party is unwilling or unable to complete, initial and sign in the designated areas of this adoption application and agreement, the aforementioned pet will remain the legal and virtual property of Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc. The adoption donation, if already donated to Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc., and only that exact amount, may be returned to the adopting party at the discretion of the acting member of Florida Big Dog Rescue Inc., less any fees that have been incurred by or assessed to Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc. if required or initiated to facilitate the return of the aforementioned pet to the care and legal guardianship of Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc. Such fees may include, yet not be limited to, transportation, boarding or kenneling fees for the aforementioned pet or any fees required for legal counsel and / or court proceedings.

In the event of such a disagreement or dispute, this contract will be fully binding and enforceable and all efforts will be made to return the aforementioned pet to Florida Big Dog Rescue, Inc., as expediently as possible and without undue duress or delay.